What about my placenta?  What magical powers does it hold?  What wildly amazing benefits for moms?!

Increases release of the hormone oxytocin.  

Encourages the uterus to contract & return to pre-pregnancy size.

Increased breast milk production.

Decreases symptoms of postpartum depression.

Restores blood iron levels.

Capsules, Smoothies, Tinctures & Prints; Placentas are so very versatile.  


Sometimes I think: Why am I doing this? Sometimes people ask: Do you love It?

I love midwifery and my relationship with it is a uniquely, heart wrenching, consuming one.

It is full. It is passion and joy. It is constant hard work and continuous commitment. It is messy; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It is lonely. It is repetitive. It is total surrender to my intuitive self. It is skillfully choosing to do nothing, say nothing. It is soaking in the silence. It is unbridled trust. It is giving all of myself, all my love unconditionally always.

Because that is the only way.